2018 Weddings Tip Number One

Every fall, people ask me which one was my wedding of the year. I rarely have a direct answer to this, but without giving too many details that would jeopardize my services, I find it easy to say all weddings were gorgeous.

While all weddings may be sumptuous, not all are exemplarily planned. And so, each has its own best and flawed parts.

2017 gave me some of my best images in my career. I was treated to the crème de la crème of the weddings. In 90% of them, there was a table for vendors which used to be a luxury in previous years. This not only helps the vendors have somewhere to place their meals, but also serves a huge deal to eliminate the roaming of vendors throughout the event from one end of the hall to the other, running across our cameras and taking all the attention from guests.

This year, I dealt with larger than usual bridal parties in the majority of weddings. To a photographer who has been in wedding photography industry for over ten years, this may be easy to deal with, but not when the size of the party does not match the time on the program. That was my greatest challenge.

Tip One: Please allocate 15 seconds per person per picture. This means if you have 12 people in your bridal party, allow at least 3 minutes per picture.

To all 2018 nuptials, happy planning!

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