Tips in managing wedding planning logistics

TODAY'S TIP on wedding planning is about logistics. We all know how we are when it comes to keeping time. Yes, we are the best! We are always on time, we never fail our friends especially when it's their big day.

If the wedding ceremony is slated for 3pm, we are always seated latest by 2:45 pm. This is how good we are....(my opinion as a business person ;) )

Most weddings I have photographed have gone perfectly well. But I have also covered one or two that either the guests were late or the program wasn't in tandem with them.

This is where the problem starts. You hire a wedding planner, very qualified and has never failed (according to available reviews). Then, on top of that, you get a wedding coordinator. Very wise decisions so far. But the problem, in my experiences, starts when the wedding coordinator assumes the role of your wedding planner or vice versa. These two have different roles. A wedding planner MUST have experience in the field; while a coordinator doesn't necessarily need to.

What does a wedding planner do? They start working with you weeks or months before the wedding. Contacting your vendors and sharing important information such as locations, addresses, change of plans etc. They don't make decisions for you, but they make suggestions. They should know places and average costs of basic wedding stuff. Their job ends when you arrive at your last destination (mostly the reception)

What does a wedding coordinator do? Your coordinator should be someone from your very small circle. This person should know you in such a way that they can make a decision on your behalf in a minute and have everything go perfect. Their job is to be you! To be your mouthpiece and your eyes. To adjust the program when the event is running late. They should know what is important to you. They should know what speech to cancel from the program so as to save time. The planner or the Emcee should not do this, they may not know you that well to make such decisions on your behalf.

In many wedding fails, the coordinator and planner mostly crash roles. This definitely causes delays and miscommunication. You find the planner calling the photographers and telling them that address for formal pictures has been changed and photography time has been slashed by half to save time.

On the other hand, because the coordinator knows the couple best, and knows that photos are more important to them than a choir performance that is on the schedule, they cancel the choir performance instead. At the end of the day, you miss your best pictures and your choir colleagues' beautiful performance because the planner did the coordinator's job!

Bottom-line, get a coordinator who knows you best, and experienced planner if you really need one, and let them know their roles in your wedding. Not how they did it last time, this is your time. :)

Happy Planning!

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