Tips in booking art vendors

As we continue to book 2017 weddings at Thuothuo Studos, I'd like to share some tips on art vendor selection.

PHOTOGRAPHER: When choosing your photographer, book one who can handle your most humorous jokes and your least known awkwardness if any. I have seen photographer's who can't take a joke and that ruins the entire day's mood in photography, which is what you're left with after all is done.

Ask to see a few of a photographer's completed projects, (Not portfolios). Anybody could take one good picture in each wedding they attend and make a classic portfolio out of it.

Ask about their style. If yours is a mixed race wedding, ask to see how they balance skin tones in such occasions.

DECOR: This is art just like photography and they affect each other directly. Ever seen a wedding where the location was extremely beautiful to your eye but your selfies came out awful? It's because the owner didn't consider photography while selecting their theme color.

In today's world, all of our electronics, including all cameras and phones, see color like our human eyes do. They all use RGB which means a mixture of pixels made from Red Green and Blue colors.

When you decorate your event with too much of one of the three colors without the other two, you're destined to a huge surprise....well, unless you alert the photographer to bring own ideas to maneuver through that.

When you mix RGB (Red Green and Blue), you get white. White means clean, and clean pictures mean high quality....i guess. When you mix blue light with any other light color but red or green, you get a very dark blue....or what many would call ''too dark images''. Most professional photographers know this, and they should be able to allow you go with your preferred theme of any color combination regardless of what art commands. But if they know early, the better.

Another common thing I have experienced in my weddings is light behind the high table. It's beautiful but unnecessary. It causes the camera to close the sensor protecting too much light from entering through the lens, and what comes out of that is a dark subject. Although photographers may maneuver through this too, you'll be taking their mind from creativity to technical thinking. They're forced to add more ''fake light'' to the subject to balance that by increasing what we call ISO in photography. This results to grainy images.

Bottom-line, introduce your photographer to your event decorator and leave them!

OUTFIT: sijui kitu

FOOD: I only eat

VENUE: Mhhhh your choice.

Happy planning!


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