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Useful Wedding Day Tips

  • Have the bridesmaids get ready together. 

       This is so important, having the bridesmaids get ready together with the bride is one of the most fun parts of the day. This is a good time to remove all the jitters. It also saves a lot of time if they all arrive well on time for makeup. 


  • Remember to remove tags 

       So many times while I'm taking pictures of the outfit I ask if the tags were necessary; and I'm told to remove them. Don't forget the congregation will see your sole for a good amount of time while you kneel. That price tag under your shoes! 


  • Don’t forget a wedding day survival kit. It includes a first aid kit, stain remover pen etc.

     Imagine your dress catching some lipstick before walking down the aisle. That would probably ruin your mood the entire day. Include some more items that you might abruptly need....like girl stuff :-). 


  • Avoid chewing gum.

          Ever looked at a picture of yourself eating? That's how you'd look in the majority of your wedding pictures. If you like the look, then bring a pack of Trident. Please don't, I'm kidding! 


  • #ChooseAHashtagForYourWedding  

       A wedding is one event the couple does not witness unfolding because they are the main 'cast'. Having one Hashtag for your wedding will put almost all of your wedding day photos taken by friends in one curated place. You'll remember me for this tip on your way to the honeymoon looking at all the pictures on IG or whichever media you choose for this. 


  • Keep speeches as short as possible.  

         I know sometimes we can't keep relatives from sharing all the stories and entertaining the guests as they advise the couple. But have them understand the need to be brief if you like them to be. 


  • Skip Traditions That Don't Fit Your Style

          You don't really have to kiss each time people click their glasses if you're not comfortable. You can try something different and fun too. I'd suggest taking a selfie with each click or have an envelope with guest names with you. Kiss the first time only, the rest of the times pick a guest name and have them kiss their date! That'd cut down on glass clicks and still keep people entertained. 


                                                                                   Written by Anthony Thuo- Head Photographer. 



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