1. Q: How many pictures do we get for our wedding?

  • A. The number of images vary from one wedding to the other, We deliver about 500 images in a thumb drive and about 300 images published in the album. This number is just an average since about 90% of our shots are not predetermined. You may order extra albums for an extra fee which varies with many factors.  


2. Q: Who chooses the photographs that you publish in the album?

  • A: I offer you the option to pick a selection of photos that you want to be published in the album. This can be anywhere from one to the entire album. However, the majority of my clients are happy with me making the selections. 


3. Q: How long does it take to get my album?

  • A. Production time varies, but we deliver most albums within 6-8 weeks after the wedding if we receive your order (image selection) in the agreed time-frame.


4. Q: Do you offer video services? 

      A: No. we no longer offer video services or provide references.


4. Q: My venue is very dark, how do you handle this type of a situation?

  • A: We have shot in the darkest environments so there's no need to worry. We also set up our own additional lighting to ensure we get the best pictures. Some churches do not allow flash photography; and so, we shoot with lenses with low apertures to compensate lighting. However, there's nothing so appealing than images taken in a well-lit hall; consider that while choosing your locations. 


5 Q: How much do you charge for wedding photography?

  • A. Weddings are quite important to the couple, and so we give each wedding very high priority in shooting and processing the images. This requires us to have more than just one photographer but also assistants who help in the shooting, lighting, and editing. Because of this, we have a minimum asking price. Our packages as of January 2018 start from $2,000 for an average basic wedding which we determine after talking to the client. Price may change depending on what the client adds to the package. 


  • We have been forced by circumstances to request full payments to be made at least three days before the wedding day. This comes with a guarantee of getting your images within the time-frame agreed in the contract.  


6. How do you manage to capture both bride and groom getting ready when they're in two different locations?

  • A. We dispatch a number of photographers as needed. Our minimum fee allows us to have a photographer in two locations. You may request more photographers for extra charges.  


7. What is your style?

  • A. When signing the contract, we talk to our clients to understand their taste and interests. Some people like to have posed images, some like fun and playful while others just go for candid photos. Once we know what our client likes, then we match that. Although we throw in our own style which includes traditionally arranged photos, and candid natural moments.





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